Cards of Pandora is a social game, with a sexy twist. It is meant to facilitate the conversation during a party and get all players in the right mood.

General Rules

Start with onboarding players, by filling in their names and sex. You have to be at least 2 players in order to play the game, although we recommend being at least 4. The maximum number of players are 8. Spin the bottle to see who goes first.

Choose a TRUTH or a DARE card by clicking on the corresponding pile of cards. If the player accepts to do what it says on the card, click GO! If the player does not accept to do what the card says, click SKIP! The player will then get the option to either drink a shot or remove one piece of clothing. Please note that these options are voluntary suggestions only.

If any player, at any time, feels uncomfortable with playing this game, then quit the game immediately. It’s supposed to be fun and played with 100% consent only.


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